Hi Everyone, It is that time of the year again when finally the weather is nice, it’s not raining and there is ample opportunity to sit by the beach, relax, have a few margaritas and read. Yes people, it’s that time of the year when we can all head to Goa to relax, ponder on things we always want to but for which day to day life does not give us the time. It’s also a brilliant time to indulge in water sports (most water sports are not possible during monsoons) – my favorite being scuba diving and snorkeling in the sea but there are lots of other ones that are really fun – jet skiing and sailing come to mind. Things I love doing in Goa:-

1. Checking out the flea market

2. Going Crab hunting

3. Pigging out on sea food, Goa curry and Sausages

4. Drinking wine and Feni as if there is no tomm.

5. Swimming in the sea..

So everyone, what are you waiting for ? We have a lot of Goan homestays on our website some that start for as low as 200 Rs. A night- Go for it .. and remember – book in advance to get the best rates!!